April 25, 2007

So little time...

So lately the weeks and days are flying by ... while I am moving ever so slowly to get some things done before May 7th. That is the date when I am scheduled to have wee bit of surgery to stabilize my unstable back.

The Spine Specialist is going to fuse my lumbar vertebrae in what he calls a 'minimally invasive surgery' ... which should only take four to five hours ....

Then the fun begins….


I am writing this to let you know why I am not keeping up, of late, with my correspondence. I will try to write as soon as I can. Thanks for your letters. Each one brightens my day.

A special note to Dieter, Heidi and Maya. I got your e-mail. I have been typing a note back to each of you. It's just that my letters are in still in the draft stage because, these days, I am moving at a snail's pace. :-)

I haven't even had time this week to keep up with my YouTube viewing.

For all I know, Bree has rejoined the order,
Lucy has been signed to star
in the next blockbuster movie,
Christine has vowed
never to wear another slip again,
Karen has become camera shy, and
Warren is determined to clean up his language,
and upon further consideration, has decided
that George W Bush is, after all, his new hero!

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April 22, 2007



The day before last
Pete went to the market for a few things.

One of the items he brought home
was a half gallon package of
AW Root Beer Float Ice Cream.

Now I love Ice Cream,
but these days many of the name brands
are a bit too sweet for my taste.
Therefore, I was prepared not to like it at all.

This Ice Cream is DELICIOUS!
A whole half gallon is completely gone.
In Two Days!

I am afraid to get on the scale.
Not to mention any other damage
that has been done.


Well, at least it's low on Sodium! ☺

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April 19, 2007

Hello Heidi

I have been doing my best to comment on Heidi's blog for a long time, and failing to do that, have tried to send her a note from not one, but three e-mail addresses.

Now, I don't think she has decided to stop speaking to me. I think somehow my e-mail has been inadvertently marked as spam.

So if you see her, please say Hello for me.

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I have had lots of time on my hands these days due to back and knee issues, which have severely limited my activities. So, instead of getting up and about doing all the stuff I normally do, most of the time I sit propped up on the sofa surfing the internet.

The time has not been spent completely frivolously though. I am actually learning a thing or two about what is going on in the world, and within the good old USA.

This morning, after ingesting my second cup of coffee, and when I finally came truly awake, I could hear that Pete was listening to something of note upstairs on his computer. So instead of reading the newspaper, I turned on my wonderful little MacBook and linked to C-SPAN-3.

There was something important going on! The Senate Judiciary Committee was meeting to question our Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, regarding the firing of eight Federal Justices for what appears to be purely political reasons.

It is truly amazing how little Attorney General Gonzales recalled about how the dismissals came about. Gonzales did not seem to remember who did what ... or who decided what ... at the time. Now, I for one, do not believe that Mr. Gonzales is actually having memory problems ... but that, of course, is possible.

Toward the end of the hearing it seemed that one after another, nearly every member of the Judiciary Committee asked Mister Gonzales to step down … since he was either incompetent, or worse.

One thing that seemed to trouble one of the Senators was the fact that the Justice Department spent considerable time investigating voter fraud cases. The time spent investigating these cases was not about the large number of reported incidents where eligible voters were turned away from the polls or discouraged from voting altogether. The investigations were primarily about the possibility that some people voted, who were not, in fact, eligible to vote.

Insuring voting rights in a democracy is of immense importance. And this is rightly in the province of the Justice Department, which should be free of political aspirations. Of course people aren't perfect and neither is our court system ... but being apolitical in administering justice should always be the goal.

The fact that this issue, and many others, are now coming to light is certainly encouraging. My hope for America righting our wrongs is increasing. There is much to do on this and other fronts, but maybe, just maybe, we will succeed!

Right now, our Senator, Barbara Boxer is addressing Global Warming. Onward ... Onward.

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April 18, 2007

More From Maya

The Path

What if "our path" was less about where our "journey" was
taking us, and more about the actual ground we were
already walking on? What if "the path" were a city street,
a backwoods trail, a bedroom carpet, an asphalt driveway
leading us to our own front door. Maybe one day the path is
a set of well-positioned, proportional flagstones, and the next
it's an incoherent, discombobulated mess of pebbles, tossed
pennies, dead leaves and trash. Maybe the path is the distance
between our car and the mailbox. Or a grocery aisle on a
weekend afternoon. Or the inches we lean into to give our love
a kiss goodnight. Maybe "our path" is exactly where we are, right now, not where we think we "need" to be.

-Maya Stein

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April 16, 2007

Isn't It Time?

If you have ever visited our capitol, you may have noticed that many of the cars registered in Washington DC have the words TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION emblazoned on their Car License Plates.

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in Washington DC on April 16, 1862. More than a century later many of our citizens still do not have representation in Congress.

People living in DC pay the second highest per capita federal income taxes in the country, serve in our military, and are good citizens ... but have no vote on how the federal government spends their money.

DC has no representation at all in the Senate at all ... And, just a non voting advisory representative in Congress.

Join me in helping to extend full voting rights to our fellow citizens who live in DC by contacting your representatives in Congress today and urge them to vote for equality!

Please do your part! You can help to give more than 500,000 American Citizens a real vote in Congress here.

Let 2007 be the year we correct this injustice. Let us all celebrate DC Emancipation Day this year by insuring true Representation for our Capitol's citizens.

It really is time!

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April 14, 2007

Girls Day

So Zoe and I are watching Gwen Stefani videos on my MacBook. YooHoo

I had the sound up as high as I could make it, but we were having difficulty hearing the song over the sound the Nitendo Cookin Mama game that Mira was playing on the TV.

So ... Zoe reaches over and presses a wee little button at the top the keyboard that I'd never noticed before. Suddenly the sound was much amplified. Who knew that there was a little key speaker and the letters FS that makes the sound even bigger? And one to the left that turned it down?

Pretty soon, Mira joined us and we are all singing along and moving to the beat.

Zoe tells me that her favorite Gwen Stephanie song is Just A Girl. After a short search on YouTube we found it.

I asked Zoe if she knew when that song was recorded. She said; "It was long time ago, Nana. I think in the Nineteens. I was little then."

Yes folks, Gwen recorded this song a long time ago in the last century ... in the 19 somethings. Everything is relative.

By the way....

Zoe also showed me how set up a playlist on YouTube that will automatically play one song after another. What will this eleven year old teach me tomorrow?

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April 12, 2007

if ever

if ever
- Maya Stein

if ever there was a time for laughter
let it be now
this perfect hour
this infinite instant
let us laugh at the world around us
whichever undying part remains
not verging on the lip of annihilation,
poised for the eternal forgetting.

if ever there was a time to sing
let it be now
these open windows, the throats from which
music does not distinguish its notes
the wind, the echo in a canyon
these sunset waves splurging on the sand
let us tilt our ears leeward to catch it all
and shake loose from our own knotty reserves
some nameless tune that no one will remember
but which will cling like a fine dust
to everything it catches.

if ever there was a time to love
let it be now
feel the easy embrace of the chair
we grunt into each day
notice how the bedsheets part for our
sibilant sleep, the night generous
with its ticking hours, moon just so
discover how whole the body can be
wrapping itself around an ice cream cone
the farewell we offer a friend
going to Africa, the parting wish
we leave at the airport's sliding glass doors
notice how unfraudulent the heart is
whispering us closer to a baby boy
who offers us his batting eyelashes
how easy we can cleave from the hard, lost day
a fractured second of joy, eyes enraptured
with the sight of a small breeze lifting
plastic bags into an aerial dance
just for us.

and if ever there was a time to pause
and stand, broken, before God,
weep at the sight of all that is beautiful
and finite, our hands having cast their breadcrumbs,
the birds scattering toward home,
time impossible in its never enoughness,
if ever there was a time to pause
and to ache in the falling light
signaling our last, glorious view of the world,
let it be now.

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April 4, 2007



You left a madman in charge, and, he is acting out!

Come back before it is too late!

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