March 16, 2007

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There is so much to blog about these days.
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March 6, 2007


She's Fuming in LA Again....

The news is filled with stories about the outrage of our lawmakers upon learning of conditions at Walter Reed and similar facilities across our nation. Of course, the esteemed members of the Senate and the House are acting out their 'shock' for the cameras ... The White House Staff has carefully rehearsed the Administration for the press conferences ... And the requisite number of generals and other straw men are being taken to task and fired.

But the people really responsible may get their hands slapped ... but as soon as this little tempest dies down ... will smugly go on as before. Smiling all the way to the bank.

Almost missed in the reporting of this scandal is that pesky old problem of outsourcing administrative responsibilities to private companies. You know that old Republican saw; private business can always do it better than the unwieldy bureaucracy of the government.

Guess what company is involved in a profit making venture of administering out-patient care for Walter Reed? You guessed right. It is none other than our old friends at Halliburton.

Ah yes ... the myriad ways in which profits may be accrued ... by capitalizing on the misery of others. Isn't 'Democracy' wonderful?

Is this the manifestation of 'Freedom' our president wants to export to all those deserving countries? George W Bush and his sidekick Dick Cheney are each a National Disgrace!

The thing that I don't understand is ... and the question I have is; If this LA housewife knew that our wounded troops were not getting the care they needed, why does this come as such a surprise to our leaders and our news media?

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