April 14, 2007

Girls Day

So Zoe and I are watching Gwen Stefani videos on my MacBook. YooHoo

I had the sound up as high as I could make it, but we were having difficulty hearing the song over the sound the Nitendo Cookin Mama game that Mira was playing on the TV.

So ... Zoe reaches over and presses a wee little button at the top the keyboard that I'd never noticed before. Suddenly the sound was much amplified. Who knew that there was a little key speaker and the letters FS that makes the sound even bigger? And one to the left that turned it down?

Pretty soon, Mira joined us and we are all singing along and moving to the beat.

Zoe tells me that her favorite Gwen Stephanie song is Just A Girl. After a short search on YouTube we found it.

I asked Zoe if she knew when that song was recorded. She said; "It was long time ago, Nana. I think in the Nineteens. I was little then."

Yes folks, Gwen recorded this song a long time ago in the last century ... in the 19 somethings. Everything is relative.

By the way....

Zoe also showed me how set up a playlist on YouTube that will automatically play one song after another. What will this eleven year old teach me tomorrow?

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