April 16, 2007

Isn't It Time?

If you have ever visited our capitol, you may have noticed that many of the cars registered in Washington DC have the words TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION emblazoned on their Car License Plates.

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in Washington DC on April 16, 1862. More than a century later many of our citizens still do not have representation in Congress.

People living in DC pay the second highest per capita federal income taxes in the country, serve in our military, and are good citizens ... but have no vote on how the federal government spends their money.

DC has no representation at all in the Senate at all ... And, just a non voting advisory representative in Congress.

Join me in helping to extend full voting rights to our fellow citizens who live in DC by contacting your representatives in Congress today and urge them to vote for equality!

Please do your part! You can help to give more than 500,000 American Citizens a real vote in Congress here.

Let 2007 be the year we correct this injustice. Let us all celebrate DC Emancipation Day this year by insuring true Representation for our Capitol's citizens.

It really is time!

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