April 25, 2007

So little time...

So lately the weeks and days are flying by ... while I am moving ever so slowly to get some things done before May 7th. That is the date when I am scheduled to have wee bit of surgery to stabilize my unstable back.

The Spine Specialist is going to fuse my lumbar vertebrae in what he calls a 'minimally invasive surgery' ... which should only take four to five hours ....

Then the fun begins….


I am writing this to let you know why I am not keeping up, of late, with my correspondence. I will try to write as soon as I can. Thanks for your letters. Each one brightens my day.

A special note to Dieter, Heidi and Maya. I got your e-mail. I have been typing a note back to each of you. It's just that my letters are in still in the draft stage because, these days, I am moving at a snail's pace. :-)

I haven't even had time this week to keep up with my YouTube viewing.

For all I know, Bree has rejoined the order,
Lucy has been signed to star
in the next blockbuster movie,
Christine has vowed
never to wear another slip again,
Karen has become camera shy, and
Warren is determined to clean up his language,
and upon further consideration, has decided
that George W Bush is, after all, his new hero!

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