January 31, 2004

Sorry Louie, This is the best I could do.

"Won't you come back Crookdimwit?
Won't you come back?
I miss you all day long.

"Whenever I look here
All that I see
is that you are gone....

"Oh, please come back crookdimwit
Oh please come back....
You have been gone so long."

"I remember looking late at night
to see what's going on ...
But, now you're not there
Oh no you're not.
Crookdimwit, won't you please come home?

Sing it Satchmo.

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January 29, 2004

Be a warrior...

"The more I investigate the non-realm that lies just beyond,
beneath or throughout the non-realm I think we're in,
the more I'm convinced
that it will take the heart of a warrior to continue.
I suppose part of the reason for that is it requires courage
to not be seduced by the comfort level
generated by this particular illusion.
Isn't it easier to just lay back
and slip-slide into the daily grind of unconsciousness?
And then there's the cultural conditioning which proclaims,
"This is it! What you see is what you get."
Now, let's think about that for a moment.
What we see is what we get.
Hmmm... We can't see electrons.
We can't see a virus.
We can't see getting an honest profit participation
in anything we write --
and yet we still believe these things exist.
Which brings me to God.
Isn't it strange that we can look up at a night sky,
at a majestic mountain,
...of a beautiful woman in spiked heels,
and have trouble believing in God?
But I digress.
One Vanity Card shown for two seconds
at the end of each episode of Dharma & Greg.

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January 27, 2004


Last weekend Pete attacked the “Shed o’ Boxes” and was merciless.

I just saw the Sanitation Department’s Bulky Item Collection truck arrive.

One strong man lifted all the stuff which Pete had placed on the curb Sunday into the loading bin.

Noisily, the large arm raised load after load into the truck’s interior.

There went the pressed board cubes which I had once wallpapered to serve as coffee tables and storage.

The item that gave a pang was the crib in which both boys slept when they were babies.

It became the bed of at least three other children over the years.

I would have saved it had I been able to lift the heavy old gate which Pete had put in front of it.
But instead, I watched as it was eaten by the behemoth.

I can only hope it will be recycled!

What could I do but offer the Sanitation worker some water and say "Thank you".

I am trying to contain myself.


Added at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

I just got permission to say:


Some people don’t want to make a big deal.
But it is a big deal!
Matt makes a difference in the world!

I'm proud of him.

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January 24, 2004


Did you know that the universe has a sound?

The LA times reported that scientists have now been able
to record the vibrations with special instruments.

This cosmic sound is too low for the human ear to hear.
I couldn't find the article,
but I believe that the article described it as a hiss...

It fills the universe.

I imagine that if our human ears could detect it,
what we would really hear is
the sacred sound of God.


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January 22, 2004

Just Checking...

Once an over-protective mom …
Always an over-protective mom!

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January 21, 2004


Use by April 1995!!!

This is the oldest 'use by' date I have now found in our pantry.
...Found on a on box of bread mixes for the breadmaker.

Funny, I don't remember where the machine is!
It's like a treasure hunt.

Inspired my Mike's post: I LOVE MY MOTHER, BUT...
I have continued the cleaning.
We will have a HEAVY garbage can this week!

More later.

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January 20, 2004


Sunday, Pete and Matt watched football playoffs.
As usual, I jinxed the team Matt wanted to win.
We went out to an Indian restaurant for a late dinner.
It was awful!

Monday, Matt left to go home.
I felt a letdown.
That's normal for me when he leaves.
So, I responded to Mike's post about what he found in my freezer.
Pete came home that evening and threw out the offending sauce.

Today I was inspired, and spent the day cleaning out the pantry.
I found MANY well expired cans.
As well as old staples which were neatly stored in Tupperware.
Now I have lots of empty Tupperware containers cluttering up my kitchen.
And, the pantry looks almost empty!

The thing is that I don't cook that much any more.
Food just doesn't get used like they used to.
I guess I should thank Mike.

Today is Tuesday. Pete had a business dinner tonight.
I was too involved in the cleanup to make much of a dinner except an apple.
I was hungry. Wishing that I had something fresh to eat.

Just then, our neighbor came by.
She & her husband hadn't been able to come to the Pete's party.
In her hands was some wonderful homemade Riata and naan.
And, a big dish of Indian Rice with Chicken!

Wow! Dinner!

I always knew that someone was watching over me.
How did I get to be so lucky?

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January 19, 2004


OK. It never ceases to amaze me...

On Saturday night we held a huge Surprise Party
for Pete's big birthday.
Just about 80 people of all ages crowded into this house.
It was a potluck, so there was enough food to feed 300.

It took many people many hours to pull it off.
Lots of funny and touching things happened
before and after Pete walked in.

It was festive.
There was Great food. Friendly people.
Lots of laughter. And, neat things to do.
A good time was had by all!

So, what did Mike write about this sparking event?

One can't help but wonder ...
in the midst of all the people, in the middle of all the commotion,
since the first thing you see when you open my freezer
are the EIGHT clearly labled ICE CONTAINERS,
why was my son sorting though the other stuff?

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January 18, 2004


With lots of help from our friends.
………….Thank You!...............
I couldn’t have done it alone! ..

Pete was surprised!
And, it was way fun!

It couldn’t have happened without all the loving souls around us.
All I did was to call out for help!

More later!


Quote for today.

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life,
and patience for the small ones.

"And when you have laboriously accomplished your daily tasks,
go to sleep in peace.

"God is Awake!"
.....Victor Hugo

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January 17, 2004

Still working on it.

When I let my ego-mind take over,
I no longer listen.
Scattered, it's hard to hold on to one thought at a time.

I talk too much, too rapidly.
I utter inane words, jumping from one topic to another,
No doubt, bewildering and exhausting to the listener.

No longer in the present,
I do not focus.
My body is in constant motion.

A nervous ball of energy
that, I suspect, drains rather than fills
those around me.

The still little voice within my heart is
drown out by the louder internal chatter of the mind.
I am lost in Maya.

The Loving Voice whispers,
'Slow Down.' 'Breath Deeply'
'Be still and in the present'
'Come Home to the One.'

The Ego refuses to listen
and continues to play.
I'm sorry.

Still, I am surrounded by love.
And, when Quiet starts to return
I can look at my behavior.

I cringe with embarrassment and shame.
I've used up precious moments.
Dancing in the unreal.

I've taken advantage
of other's loving natures
for my own means.

I have forgotten the basics.
Forgive me.
Today I will begin again.

I'll take time to be still
And come home to the heart.
Maybe then, I can just "Shut up, and Listen".


Last night at meditation,
thoughts slowed for a while.
I was sorry when it was time to end.

Because for a moment,
Stillness came.
And, She sat.

One with the universe.
Right hand touching the ground.
The other up and open, in the gesture of giving.

The sacred mantra,
the universal sound of God,
filling her heart.

More to go.

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January 14, 2004


Today is Pete’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my love.

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January 13, 2004


I am more and more convinced that our mind is just like this computer. Or more like a TIVO. After a while the memory is gets full and things are deleted unless deliberately saved. Don’t worry. I’m not loosing it! :-)

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January 9, 2004

Day is done.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by so much love. Thank You!

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She stands...
stretching from the day's labour
working out the kinks which had settled in her shoulders.

Arms outstretched, reaching toward the heavens.
the position forcing her to take deep sustaining breaths.
letting go of all the human errata which had filled her day.

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Ready for Rest.

She stands alone in her quiet place…
Arms held up to the heaven
stretching the body;
releasing cramped muscles from the day’s labour,

Fingers reaching up as if to grab a piece of the firmament.
Tippy toe. First one than the other.
Fingers outstretched, open wide
Relaxing the muscles
pulling the back and legs straight
Letting go. Ready to sleep

Arms and neck relaxing
The breath is slowing, deepening
Releasing tension and cares.
Mind still, relaxed, ready for the sleep of oblivion.

Tired now she is ready to surrender the dance
to one who is eager
And she will sleep and refresh until dawn.
Moving now from the unreal to the real.
At least for a while.
now why did I rise from my bed to write?

Must be she felt a need for prayer.

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January 8, 2004

A Special Day.


We love you dear one.

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January 7, 2004

Offering it.

Why is it that it is the small things that tend to throw us for a loop?

It’s funny that we often handle the hard stuff better than the petty little frustrations of life.

Sometimes we just have to call out for help.

Thank God there is Someone who listens when we do.

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