January 9, 2004

Ready for Rest.

She stands alone in her quiet place…
Arms held up to the heaven
stretching the body;
releasing cramped muscles from the day’s labour,

Fingers reaching up as if to grab a piece of the firmament.
Tippy toe. First one than the other.
Fingers outstretched, open wide
Relaxing the muscles
pulling the back and legs straight
Letting go. Ready to sleep

Arms and neck relaxing
The breath is slowing, deepening
Releasing tension and cares.
Mind still, relaxed, ready for the sleep of oblivion.

Tired now she is ready to surrender the dance
to one who is eager
And she will sleep and refresh until dawn.
Moving now from the unreal to the real.
At least for a while.
now why did I rise from my bed to write?

Must be she felt a need for prayer.

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