January 29, 2004

Be a warrior...

"The more I investigate the non-realm that lies just beyond,
beneath or throughout the non-realm I think we're in,
the more I'm convinced
that it will take the heart of a warrior to continue.
I suppose part of the reason for that is it requires courage
to not be seduced by the comfort level
generated by this particular illusion.
Isn't it easier to just lay back
and slip-slide into the daily grind of unconsciousness?
And then there's the cultural conditioning which proclaims,
"This is it! What you see is what you get."
Now, let's think about that for a moment.
What we see is what we get.
Hmmm... We can't see electrons.
We can't see a virus.
We can't see getting an honest profit participation
in anything we write --
and yet we still believe these things exist.
Which brings me to God.
Isn't it strange that we can look up at a night sky,
at a majestic mountain,
...of a beautiful woman in spiked heels,
and have trouble believing in God?
But I digress.
One Vanity Card shown for two seconds
at the end of each episode of Dharma & Greg.

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