January 20, 2004


Sunday, Pete and Matt watched football playoffs.
As usual, I jinxed the team Matt wanted to win.
We went out to an Indian restaurant for a late dinner.
It was awful!

Monday, Matt left to go home.
I felt a letdown.
That's normal for me when he leaves.
So, I responded to Mike's post about what he found in my freezer.
Pete came home that evening and threw out the offending sauce.

Today I was inspired, and spent the day cleaning out the pantry.
I found MANY well expired cans.
As well as old staples which were neatly stored in Tupperware.
Now I have lots of empty Tupperware containers cluttering up my kitchen.
And, the pantry looks almost empty!

The thing is that I don't cook that much any more.
Food just doesn't get used like they used to.
I guess I should thank Mike.

Today is Tuesday. Pete had a business dinner tonight.
I was too involved in the cleanup to make much of a dinner except an apple.
I was hungry. Wishing that I had something fresh to eat.

Just then, our neighbor came by.
She & her husband hadn't been able to come to the Pete's party.
In her hands was some wonderful homemade Riata and naan.
And, a big dish of Indian Rice with Chicken!

Wow! Dinner!

I always knew that someone was watching over me.
How did I get to be so lucky?

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