August 25, 2003

Happy 40th to Us!

Today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary.


A wonderful weekend. A wonderful surprise. Still savoring it. Will write long version soon for anyone who wants to read about it.

Short version:
Mike and Matt cooked up a scheme.
Matt Flew in from DC on Friday night.
The guys just showed up at our house together Saturday morning.
We were surprised.

The four of us spent the rest of the day together.
They took us out for a great dinner.
Both spent the night.
The first time in years our little family were together like the old days.

Everyone in Cincinnati was sworn to secrecy.
I cooked French toast with Challah for breakfast.
We went computer shopping. I got computer lessons.
Some of us saw The Lost Boys of Sudan

Matt went home.
Mike went back to work.
Pete and I are going out tonight together.
Three dinners out in a row!!!
Can't believe it's Forty Years. We're still young.

More later...

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August 24, 2003

California. My poor California.

I have been watching the progression of the drive to recall our governor. We now have so many candidates for governor that if Gray Davis is recalled, we may end up with someone who receives a small percentage of those voting. The Republicans seem to be uniting around Arnold. The Democrats are getting scared.

It makes me sad to see how things have changed here. How little it takes to bring about something that will have such a large impact. All it takes is Money. A Rich man. People paid to get signatures for special interest initiatives. The sad thing is that winning is all. Principles are trod underneath ambition. The political motto "First you have to win." reigns supreme. And it seems that fewer and fewer people are paying attention.

I always admired George McGovern. He authored this article which appeared in the LA Times in July. I admire him even more now. I wish people would pay attention before we lose what is so precious to a free people.

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Even though we speak the same tongue, we are not truly speaking the same language at all.

I think people can be both Idealists and Realists at the same time. I see an Idealist as someone who envisions a better way, and often seeks to bring this about (even if it is just to complain about the status quo). I admire idealists. They take time to consider big issues, instead of the mundane. Realists are people who see what is, and try to work within the current structure to do what needs to be done. Those who consider themselves realists can sometimes become defeated thinking that nothing will change.

People who make a difference in the world are usually idealists who pursue change by using what is. Doing this often takes great courage. Most everyone is afraid of change or the possible "bad" consequences that may come from it. Thus the old saying: "Better the devil I know"..... But change is inevitable on the human plane.

I looked up the dictionary definitions of these labels. And once again I was made aware of the rapid evolution of language. Words change meaning with common usage in a remarkably short time. That, and the constant coining of new words with advances in technology and new ways of thinking, are the reasons that dictionaries must constantly be updated.

As humans, we often put people in boxes, using labels to neatly fit them in. We use labels, because in relating to one another, usually all we have is words. The truth is that labels mean nothing because we all have unique perceptions of what any word means. Even though we speak the same tongue, we are not truly speaking the same language at all.

My brother David and I generally have similar views about most issues, yet we often find ourselves disagreeing. It is funny when we realize that our disagreement is not about the issue at all, but the best language to express the thought. All the time we have been trying very hard to convince each other to accept our choice of words to describe it!

It is at these times that my ego-self is dominant. I am more concerned about being right or being recognized, than I am concerned with my ability to communicate with an open mind and heart. And I realize, once again, that my ego is still very strong, and fighting the process of dying that leads to enlightenment

We have a prayer, "lead us from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality". The death referenced here is not the death of the body, but instead, the death of the ego. The ego spoken of in spiritual practice is not the same as the Freudian concept of ego. As we begin to know the Self, our ego-mind starts to die. Every religion, every path talks of this. Still working at it.

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Wait 'till you hear what happened Saturday. It is too late now to write. Wow!


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August 22, 2003

Lucky Day

This was one of those days when everything went beautifully. Little problems resolved smoothly. By chance, I found myself in places where little unresolved problems were taken care of. Lucky me! I think Someone is watching over me.

I wish you all a fortuitous day. Off to Meditation.

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August 21, 2003

Ant Attack!!!

We are back from Honolulu where I did not have a computer. I wrote a lot of stuff with paper and pen, but haven't had time to sit down and post any of it.

We came home to daily battles with ants. Just when I think everything is clear, the little creatures find something new to show and share with their family. I have tried just using Basic H (a biodegradable cleaner), but they keep coming back. Pete is now threatening to bring in the Big Guns.

I don't like ants in my house. I can shoo out flies, and capture spiders and other bugs to release outside. But Ants, Termites and Mosquitoes have to be terminated to get them to leave. I don't like killing things.

More Later!

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