August 24, 2003

California. My poor California.

I have been watching the progression of the drive to recall our governor. We now have so many candidates for governor that if Gray Davis is recalled, we may end up with someone who receives a small percentage of those voting. The Republicans seem to be uniting around Arnold. The Democrats are getting scared.

It makes me sad to see how things have changed here. How little it takes to bring about something that will have such a large impact. All it takes is Money. A Rich man. People paid to get signatures for special interest initiatives. The sad thing is that winning is all. Principles are trod underneath ambition. The political motto "First you have to win." reigns supreme. And it seems that fewer and fewer people are paying attention.

I always admired George McGovern. He authored this article which appeared in the LA Times in July. I admire him even more now. I wish people would pay attention before we lose what is so precious to a free people.

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