May 5, 2013


Just tonight I've come to believe that I will be able to actually get rid of the clutter. I had to come to a place where I had to recognize that I had a problem with amassing too much stuff. I can barely stand to utter that other ugly word.

Years of buying too much of the same thing, with the fabulous ideas that the various parts could be put together to make great gifts or works of art. And who I would give it to.... I had to recognize the fact and how attached I had become to all this stuff.

I gave myself a lot of excuses as to why and how it had gotten so bad and what it all meant to me. However it had come to be, it had to be faced and dealt with. Recently I've been rolling slowly into the fix, but going through it all gets exhausting, especially after a lot of the clean sorted stuff got covered with drywall and construction dust. (That is nasty stuff!)

But from this day on, I vow it will go! One pile at a time, one corner or drawer or box at a time. From now on, I will try to remember to write my accomplishments down and keep moving till the worst is gone. Use it or love it. Excess is binding. You don't own your stuff. It owns you.

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