October 21, 2010

Why I Plan to Vote for a Dead Person

Now I Understand....

In the past, when I heard that there were a large number of voters who cast their vote for an office holder who had left this plane of existence before the election was held, it puzzled me. I couldn't understand why they might take this action, and wondered about their cluelessness. Well, now I think I might get it.

Yesterday, a true voice for the people, Jenny Oropeza, died after a long illness. Jenny Oropeza was the California State Senator for our District. Prior to that, she served in the California State Assembly for six years. I voted for her.

Because her death occurred so close to Election Day, her name remains on the ballot. Jenny was expected to easily win reelection.

When people go to the polls less than two weeks from now, on November 2nd, we will be asked to make a choice. If we mark our ballots for Jenny Oropeza and she wins, the Governor will have to call for a special election to choose her replacement. The other two other choices on the ballot are a candidate from the Party Of No and the candidate from the Party That Wants To Abolish Almost All Government. Neither of these people are acceptable choices for me.

So on the Tuesday after next, I will vote for Oropeza one more time. Yes, I intend to vote for of a dead person. After all these years I finally understand why people may have voted for someone who had died before the election. They might have actually been doing the right thing. They might have simply tried to insure that they would be able to choose the person who will represent them in their town, their state or their nation.

Rest In Peace, Jenny. I know you are not actually gone. I know that your spirit lives on and you have simply moved to another place. Thank you for serving the people.

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