October 22, 2010


Where do my answers go?
Why isn't the mail feature working correctly for this site?
What am I just not seeing?
What am I doing wrong
How can I fix this?

Why did my wireless keyboard just stop working without notice?
Oh yes, I remember, that's why!
It's working again, but i see the battery power is low.
It will soon need replacing.
Oh there it goes again. It has stopped.
Good thing I have the "wired" keyboard that I don't really like still attached to the computer.

Why are there crumbs and dirty spots all over on my old wired keyboard? How do I get it clean again? Is it safe to use an old toothbrush and damp q-tips to clean it? If I do that, will the debris somehow get inside and ruin it? I've already turned it upside down and gave it a tiny shake a couple of gentle pats like I think Matt suggested a long time ago, but it's still dirty.

Why on earth did I decide to write a post every day for a year?
Don't I have enough on my plate these days?
Wasn't I already working on enough overwhelm?
Did I really need to step it up yet one more notch?
Do I dare to go back on another vow to myself?

Will I really ever be able to catch up with all the incoming mail that I receive on all six of my e-mail addresses? Why did I ever decide to set up six different e-mail addresses in the first place anyway? And, why did I decide to keep them all? I actually know the reason I did this, but which ones will I finally decide to let go?

Will I ever clean up all of my paper clutter? Why do I have it at all? I already know the answer to the last question. That's the problem.

Will I ever organize my craft making stuff that's laying in baskets all over my vertical filing cabinets (ie; dining room table and other flat surfaces) and find a home for them to stay when I am not using them? How will I ever find the time to sort through all the paper clutter that has built up ~ and put only the things I really want and need to keep in a regular file and toss the rest?

Will I ever get my house back in order during this lifetime? Will I ever be able to catch up with it all? Have I added all these things to do just to insure a longer life? Will I ever be done? Don't I already know the answer to the last question? I'm not sure!

Regarding email: Pete thinks Gmail is the superior e-mail provider. But I think, compared to others, it's rather limited. I still have my original AOL email address and actually prefer it for some things, like sending and receiving simple messages, but AOL has its own limitations, actually many.

Like Mike once explained;
There is the "world of the internet"
and then there is "AOL WORLD"
and they are two different places.
The two sometimes intersect at certain points,
but are still in two different worlds.

I still have the drawing he made to illustrate his explanation and I would dearly love to post a picture of it, and have it live on in the 'cloud' for an eternity ~ whatever the cloud really is. I think I understand this concept a little, but am not sure that I actually do. I don't know how to post a picture of his drawing or if it really would stay there. How on earth could I ever throw something as precious as that away in the trash?

Yes, I know that nothing lasts forever. Or maybe it does. Maybe there are endless circles inside of circles of what "is" ~ that goes on forever and always. Actually, I am pretty sure that this is how it is. Endless circles, endless possibilities, endless variations on every theme. Yes, I am sure. That is reality. This is how everything really is: endless spirals inside endless spirals, within all of time and within all of space. Endless 'nows' and endless 'thens'. All simply 'IS' now, forever and always. That is the truth. I'm sure that that is.

Isn't "that" and interesting word? What would we do without it? Is there another word we could use in its place that would impart the same meaning? I don't think there is. "That" is a one-of-a-kind kind of word. A truly unique word and concept. Simple, yet complex.

I really don't like the keyboard that I am currently using since my cordless stopped working. it isn't as easy to use for touch typing. The numbers and symbols are too light a color and I can't see the images on the keys very well. My old junior high touch skills don't work very well on this keyboard. I think it has to do with the spacing. The keys are smaller and not as well defined. They are lower, and the spaces between them are further away from one another. And they are too quiet. I like to hear the keys sound as I hit them, like old typewriters used to do. There is something satisfying about hearing a sound when you type. Something is missing when the process is silent.

Where is the place on the computer that catches the signal from the keyboard as I type? I imagine that it is somewhere near the lower left corner, and that is why if I put my elbow on the computer table while I type, the computer doesn't seem to read it. And, that is why I have to take my elbow away and then retype what I had just written for it to take.

Well that's enough, I am sure it is already tomorrow. Oh my God. it already 3:00 AM! How did it ever get so late? I have only been typing a few minutes. Anyone who reads this whole post should be commended for their patience. My adult self is now shouting very loud; "STOP NOW AND GO TO BED"!

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