August 4, 2010


In this mom's eyes, this was a very good day.

This week, two small battles were won for freedom and against bigotry.

Today, a Federal Judge ruled that California's Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. I'm taking nothing for granted, but I have hopes that one day, all of our citizens will be granted equal rights ... in all of our States.

Yesterday, in New York City, the Landmarks Preservation Commission unanimously and courageously voted to deny historic status to a 19th-century building in the shadow of Ground Zero. In doing so, they stood up for tolerance and for religious freedom. The Commission voted to protect the rights of some of our citizens who would otherwise been denied the right to build an interfaith center in an American city.

After the vote, that City's Republican Mayor spoke strongly in favor of religious freedom and against the xenophobia that might have to prevented the building of a mosque and community center near the former World Trade Center.

No doubt, the many 'Churches of Hatred' in this country will be stepping up their rhetoric to demonize and deny rights to other American citizens whom they consider to be different. This is an effective political tool. This is a way to scare and control people.

It is very simple formula. Find an "Other" to hate. Divert attention. Separate and conquer. It is a very old tool and one that is still very effective.

Yet, today, a couple of small battles have been won against hatred. These were only small battles and I know that the war is yet to be won. Nevertheless, this mom still believes that it is possible for love to win over hatred. This mom still believes that one day, each and every one of us will remember that we are, in truth, all intertwined and connected, and together we are made greater because of our differences.

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