August 25, 2010


A few years ago I almost posted a bit about my worry about America turning into a theocracy. My son, Matt, assured me that we are a far way from that.

I have been disgusted by the anti-Islamic hate speech that has gotten more and more virulent as the years move on since the terrible events of 9-11.

It makes me angry and it makes me wonder why anyone would want to become a Christian when so many of their churches and preachers spew so much hate.

I happen to know many kind and loving Christians, but It seems to me that many of them chose to be "born again" out of fear of the "Hereafter". Everyone I knew who chose to become a Christian was afraid of going to Hell.

They chose an exclusionary religion who punished non-believers with an eternity of torment and misery. They also chose a religions that had a litany of "sins". Chief among these sins are all the "do nots" regarding our sexual nature.

I rarely hear any of these people voicing concerns about vengeance instead of mercy, of warring instead of peacemaking, of intolerance instead of justice for all .

As far as I'm concerned, it seems to me that the biggest names in modern Christianity the last few years, such as Pat Roberson, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham and his son, Franklin have all preached a brand of hatred and intolerance. All of these well known preachers are and were Islamophobes, homophones, and fear mongers.

As far as I'm concerned all of these well known preachers have been preaching hatred and intolerance. I wish that the so called 'News Media' would stop giving them a forum to spew more of their disgusting hate speech. Unfortunately these for-profit conglomerates are not interested in doing anything but encouraging controversy and discord. It's too bad they don't see the potential for money making by promoting peace and harmony.

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