April 15, 2010



With the constant ALERTS we are getting about so many things, it is understandable that more and more people are feeling anxious. There is a lot to worry us these days. We are at war. The economy has quite a bit to go before it rebounds more fully. The polarization of our country is getting worse. Religious Zealots and Political Extremists are on the loose and getting more scary all the time. Hate is being preached in churches and other religious establishments. All kinds of strange bugs are around, just waiting to infect you. The climate is changing and the ice shelves are disintegrating. Yes, there are lots of things to worry about. And, just in case you missed any of the bad news, all you have to do is turn on the TV and BANG!!! ....You will be filled in about the most sensational stuff, 24/7.

Tonight we heard that Air travel throughout Europe has been discontinued due to the HUGE plume of smoke emitted by a Volcano in Iceland. And this is just the latest problematical issue facing this poor beleaguered country, not the least of it is that the country is literally melting away.

It is easy, considering all of this, and the usual stresses and strains of life, to feel a bit overwhelmed. And it is easy to focus on the problems and forget to be in the moment.

Nevertheless, we must try to look for what is good and what is beautiful. We must try to stop and take a moment to focus on what is good in life. As I look out my window, I see the most beautiful blue sky, dotted with pink clouds. It is just before sundown. It won't be long until we meet our newest granddaughter and celebrate her big sister's 2nd Birthday.

I, for one, am happy that our President is doing his best to tackle the BIG PROBLEMS, despite the efforts of the opposition to prevent change. But change will come whether we want it or not. It is pretty normal to be uncomfortable when what seemed stable now seems capricious.

And technology these days is REALLY AMAZING! Have you seen the iphone and the ipad? Personally, I am in love with my new smart phone. The ipad is only missing one item, (an external mouse), but I am sure I could get used to that.

The only trouble that I can see is that some of us will forget to take our eyes and fingers off these fascinating devices and really be with the people we love when we are with them, and really pay attention to life. It is hard with all our modern technology to simply be still and be in the moment. But we must try,

It is hard to keep up. Life can be scary. Nevertheless, we must remember that though it can feel as though we are on a roller-coaster, we can have fun with it. We can just choose to hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride. We must remember that always, always, the pair of opposites are at work. The good and the bad are tied together. All is.

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