March 19, 2009

Regarding Amazing Things

Last weekend the girls stayed with us while their parents were away. On Saturday, I took them to the Farmer's market and when it closed at 1:00 PM we drove down to Torrance beach. We were delighted to find that not only was it not as cold and cloudy as it was a bit inland, the sun was out and day was comfortably warm.

I grabbed the blanket I carry in the car for impromptu picnics or a visit to the beach and after depositing the requisite coins in the parking meter; we walked down the ramp to the sand. We found a nice spot and laid out the blanket and sat down. It was nice.

When we returned to the car, we found that we had stayed longer than it seemed. We packed up our belonging for the trip home. I turned onto the next street and realized that I’d made a turn to a different route than my usual one. For a moment, I wasn't sure if I had made a wrong turn and if I was going the right way. When I mentioned this fact out loud, Mira, who is ten years old, whipped out the cell phone that her parents had given her for safety.

Within a moment she began to name every street we were approaching. Apparently her cell phone is equipped with a GPS Navigator. Soon she keyed in my home address and the authoritative voice of the Navigator Lady began to dictate the route home. Since by then I was once again orientated, I ignored the computer's direction preferring my tried a true route.

Mira said I was going to make the Navigator Lady mad. I threw caution to the wind and continued traveling what I consider a short cut until a few block from home. Then we decided to make the lady happy and followed the directions.

Mira and Zoe accept this marvel as a rather ordinary thing. But I think that this is absolutely Amazing! Mira's cell phone is smaller than a Star Trek Communicator and can do almost as much. We are living in extraordinary times.

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