March 17, 2009


I love living in Los Angeles! There really isn't another city like it. We have our problems for sure. But as far as I am concerned there is nothing like the diversity we experience here.

Today, I had an appointment with a periodontist to see what was amiss with my mouth. She wasn't able to fix the problem yet and has set up referrals to endodontists to check out the course of treatment to remedy the situation. Though I was not there for a very fun reason, it was really very nice to meet her. She asked me about my last name and I related my husband and my differing ethic heritage. She was interested that we decided to marry considering the difference. When I asked about her name, I learned something personal about her that fascinated me.

The dentist told me that she is a Zoroasterian. I thought that this religion had died out centuries ago, but learned that the demise of this creed is yet to come ... although their numbers are steadily decreasing. I didn't remember much about the little I learned about this ancient religion when I was in school, so when I got home I looked it up. Since the basic message is not so very different than the the path I follow, it looks like everything that is old is new again.

Here is what I learned: "Zarathushtra's message is a message about a spirituality that progresses towards self-realization, fulfillment and completeness, as a good creation of a totally good God. It is a message of freedom - freedom to choose, freedom from fear, freedom from guilt, freedom from sin, freedom from stultifying rituals, superstitious practices, fake spirituality and ceremonials."

"The God of Zarathustra, is not a God of "Thou shalt" and "Thou shall not". God in Zoroastrianism does not care what you wear, what and when you eat or where and when you worship. God instead cares how righteous, progressive and good you are."

1. God is not about fear guilt and Condemnation.
2. God is Wisdom Love and Logic.
3. God does not have favorites and does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, gender, race or class.
4. God treats humans with dignity and respect.
5. God is not a slave master, or despot, among his serfs.
6. God is man's Soul Mate and Partner.
7. God is not Jealous, Wrathful or Vengeful.
8. Man is not sinful, fallen or depraved.
9. God has no opponent and heaven and hell are states of mind and being.
10. Man was created to progress to likeness and eliminate wrong from the Cosmos in partnership with God.

"The Zoroastrian Religion pictures humanity as the growing and evolving creation of a God that respects it, and wants it to collaborate in the task of preserving, nourishing, fostering and refreshing this Living World of ours. A Zoroastrian is supposed to progress towards God (Ahura Mazda) by his own choices. Choosing to do good, and to avoid choosing to do wrong or evil. Zoroastrianism is thus the first truly ethical religion of mankind and teaches that mortals achieve their goal of god-likeness and spiritual completeness by fighting evil through good thoughts, words and deeds."

I like the creed of this ancient religion "Who fears God does not know God."

Here is a cool video made by a young Zoroastrian film maker.

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