March 21, 2009

Good Auras

The week before last, a young woman who lives down the street from us came over and asked me if I had any work that she could do. The retail shop where she works has dramatically reduced her work hours and she needed money. I replied that I always could use some help doing housework as I have gotten woefully behind. I didn't call her immediately because I had several appointments that week, so yesterday she stopped by again and asked if I had any work for her.

She came over for a couple of hours today and we worked along side one another as we started the cleaning. After paying her for her labor, she had to wait a bit for her friend to pick her up for the afternoon. Before she left she said; "I like your house. It has a good aura. It feels calm here." I guess her home is anything but....

Her comments made me feel good. I doubt that most people would describe me as calm. But I am glad that when I am with some people I can be that way. I did feel calm today.

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