June 8, 2004


Pete is on his way to Sri Lanka. His flight to Hong Kong left just before 2:00 AM this morning. At least, I think it did. With all the security precautions these days, only people who are actually boarding planes are allowed at the gates.

After a several hour layover in Hong Kong, he and the hearty group of travelers will continue on to their final destination. I don’t expect to hear from him for a couple days.

I wonder if the day will ever come again when we can actually say good-bye to loved ones just before they board a plane for a distant place?

I remember the final hugs and waves as we saw our kids off to college. Then ... standing at the window and watching as the plane lifted up and flew out of sight.

It was only after that, that I was ready to return to the car to drive back home. And, to start dealing with the fact that my job as a Mom was nearly done. Our boys had grown their wings and were flying off to their futures.

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