February 25, 2004

What have we become?

OK. I guess you can now call us computer geeks. Well, I’m not sure that ‘geeks’ is the right word. I am still pretty clueless about how this thing works. Or, how to do lots of basic stuff. Pete’s a little better, but often has to consult the family specialists when things go wrong.

So you ask why did I say we were computer geeks? Well, this is why. I’m sitting here catching up on other people’s blogs after checking my e-mail and ordering some stuff online. All of a sudden I hear the little bell that tells me that I have an instant message. I press the 'little green people man' icon, and see that there is a message from Pete. He is in the bedroom. Well within hearing range of a normal voice. We proceeded to have the following conversation online.

Pete says:
Judi says:
I can make Matzo ball or just chicken or mushroom. What do you want?
Judi says:
When do you want to eat? Are you hungry now?

Pete says:
mushroom. did you get fresh crackers? not hungy now
Judi says:
I got saltines. They didn't have oyster crackers.

Pete says:
OK (symbol for heart)
Judi says: (symbol for kiss)

Judi says:
How soon do you think you will want to eat?
Pete says:
couple of hours
Judi says:

It would have taken seconds to go in there. Or, we could have heard each other fine by just talking. I can hear every word of the conversation he is now having on the phone.

It's a crazy world.

Pete's Progress

I took Pete to his first physical therapy session today. Noelle is very pleased with his range of motion. Pete is not allowed to lift his arm in any direction, but the therapist is allowed to move it. When we asked why that was so, she explained that there is a difference between Pete using his muscles for this function and passive lifting by the therapist. He is not allowed to use these muscles until everything is healed. If he does, he might undo the fix. We don't want that!

I went to the market during Pete's session. The bagger didn't listen to me when I asked him to pack them LIGHTLY. After he was done, I realized they were too heavy for me to lift even into the car, so he had to help me out and do the lifting.

On the way home, I told Pete what just happened and not to try to help me with the bags. I will have to unload some of the stuff first, because they were to heavy. As soon as he gets out of the car, he opens the trunk with his good arm with the intent to carry the bags. I said DON"T. THEY ARE TOO HEAVY! He argues but gets the message.

Stubborn man!

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Non! I took some French in high school many years ago, but never really learned to speak the language. I do understand some words now but not much more. Sorry.

Posted by: Mom at November 4, 2004 3:09 PM
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