February 26, 2004

This and That

Peteís News

Today wasn't Pete's best day. His rash was really bothering him. Itching pretty badly. He talked to the doctor again this morning who suggested that he see the dermatologist. Luckily our dermatologist was able to fit him in this morning. He is a very cool guy. Nice. He prescribed two creams and said he would call Pete during the weekend to see how he was doing.

So today I cancelled my dentist and doctor's appointments again and played chauffeur. That's OK. Pete has done this enough for me in the past. My calendar is now filled with Pete's upcoming appointments. Tomorrow he sees the surgeon and the Physical Therapist.

Some day the house will be clean again!

My day.

There is a lotís of interesting things in the paper that I bet you didnít see. This MOM On the Alert would tell you about them, but I donít have time right now. I spent most of my computer time replying to a letter I received from a friend which I felt badly misrepresented history. I got mad and sent an 11+ point response. I caught a few minutes of the debate, and I was clapping. I hope Iíll be able to catch a repeat.

What I wrote a couple of weeks ago when I felt left out.

Ö..Do you every feel as though you are one of the misfits? The angles of your being seemingly so constructed that you might never fit into the whole?

Ö..Like the lone piece of a puzzle which has mistakenly been put in the wrong box?

Ö..I do too.

But Iím not feeling this way today.

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