February 24, 2004

How you hold it.

My Spiritual Mother once told us
to be grateful to anyone we might help.
That person has provided us the opportunity to give.
And, whatever we give,
we should give as though we were offering it to GOD.
...With a happy heart.

Those weren't exactly her words.
She is much more eloquent than me.
But, I hope that I've been able to express the idea.

If we realize that whatever we do for others
is an honor and a privilege, we just feel happier.
And, that makes all the difference.
It's how you hold it.

Does that make sense?

Some years ago,
I learned that if I just change the words;
I have to to I choose to,
my whole attitude changed.


On the home front:

Pete had his first shower since the surgery today.
And, I got to play nurse.
That was cool.

I am also getting lots of exercise
running up and down the stairs.

Pete is a do it yourself kind of guy.
And, it hard for anyone when they are not the one
doing the doing.

I know. I have been there.

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