February 23, 2004

He'll just have to put up with me!

Pete started itching more tonight and asked me to wipe his back down with alcohol. I did, but noticed that he seemed to have a rash all over his back and arms. I wanted to call the doctor as I am concerned that he may be having a reaction to one of the meds he is taking. I remember what happened to my Dad years ago when he had an allergic reaction to Penicillin. It got VERY serious!

If you know Pete, you know that he is pretty macho, and doesn't like it if I fuss too much. Pete said it was nothing. I wasn't sure. And said that I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. Remember, this is the man who within a half an hour of injuring himself, began lugging things around with the ice packs still attached to his shoulder.

I called the doctor and left a message with the automated answering service. Our doctor was not on call. A doctor who didn't know either of us called back. He told Pete to take Benadryl. Pete had me talk to the doctor because I was the one with the concern.

The doctor explained to me what symptoms to look for. I asked if Pete could use another antihistamine which I had on hand. He said he was not familiar with the one I take for allergies, but said that Benadryl should help Pete sleep. OK. I would have felt better if we had talked to the doctor we know and trust. And to be honest, I was concerned about leaving Pete alone.

I couldn't remember what drug store was open all night and looked in the phone book. I didn't see any right away. So, I just got dressed and said I going to drive down Sepulveda because I remember that there was more than one 24 hour store not too far away. I was right. I bought the Benadryl and came home.

Pete felt warmer and his arm looked a little swollen to me. I gave him the medicine, and made him take his temperature. I also reminded him that the surgeon warned us today that Pete should wear the sling at night so that he wouldn�t accidentally move his shoulder in his sleep. Pete didn't like my fussing. I told him "Too bad!"

He had better not get worse during the night, because I'm not sure I'd wake up enough to help him once I finally got to sleep. But I have resolved if anything happens I will just call 911.

So now I am going to check my e-mail one more time and go to bed.
Thanks for listening.

PS: Check out what Heidi said today and the link that talks about the difference between men and women. 'Course, we always knew this. But it�s good to see the science behind it.

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