May 31, 2003

Adventures with the Granddaughters

The girls are here today, giving Mike and Michele some time alone together to just be a couple. Our little darlings refused a trip to Costco, even when we tried to bribe them with pizza and other goodies. They wanted to stay here and play.

When they first arrived, Pete showed them how to do a neat trick with Nasturtium leaves and water. You take a Nasturtium leaf, put a drop of water in the center, and WALA, you have a water diamond, that keeps intact even as you move, rock and turn the leaf.

The girls were fascinated with this; the faucet was turned on full blast for a while, making some mud to squish. After a few minutes, I had to tell them to turn off the water so as not to waste this precious resource. They complied with out argument, and after washing the mud from their feet and hands, headed inside to pursue new endeavors.

First, they changed out of their wet clothes. Mira wanted to play dress up. Zoe wanted to CLEAN! Mira would have no part of that! After putting on a more lovely dress, Mira walked downstairs, took a piece of cheese, and headed out to the back yard. She began building a village out of plant cuttings and the wooden blocks we have saved since the boys were little. Earlier, Michele borrowed my camera so I don't have a snapshot of the final construction, but I must tell you that it contained a school, a hotel, several houses, a swimming pool, and many other buildings. After using most of the blocks, Mira then became a great monster who with a few kicks destroyed everything in her path. The carefully constructed town now lays shattered on the patio.

Earlier, Zoe had negotiated payment with me for vacuuming the downstairs. We settled on a sum much lower than she wanted, but the deal was struck. She proceeded to vacuum the rug in the family room and the living room carpet. She then wanted to mop the kitchen floor, but I suggested that we sweep it first. She then lost interest in her housekeeping duties and came outside to join us in the construct of the town.

I look forward to the rest of the time the girls will be here. We may use some rose pedals to make Faerie Circles or find some other fascinating way to spend the rest of the day. Oh Yes, Pete made a solo trip to Costco, and I am writing this on a pad of paper while watching the play. Stay tuned!

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