May 31, 2003

The end of the day

The rest of the day went well. The girls and I had a great time. Pete joined in from time to time, but isn't so much into "Let's Pretend". I snuck off, for a while, to post the second entry for the day. Then we made Mac and Cheese for dinner. The girl's lunch was just about as healthy. Peanut butter on saltines, chocolate milk and apples. Mira ate one green bean. Usually, I try to make perfectly balanced and healthy meals for the girls when they are here. Today, I decided that it wouldn't kill them to eat what they wanted. ...One of the advantages of being a grandparent!

Now, if they were here for a few days in a row, that would be different. Don't ask the boys how things were when they were kids. I have been gleefully told that sugar is not the culprit I thought it was. I still think that sugar, not naturally present in foods, should be avoided, but I lost that battle long ago.

After dinner, the girls got to take a bath in the BIG tub. At bedtime, Mira and I shared stories while Zoe tried stalling a bit downstairs with Papa. When she came up and got into bed, we read a couple of books. Mira then realized that she wasn't going home to Mommy and Daddy and started to plead to leave a message for her mom. We called their house. Mira promptly became teary leaving a heart rending message for them to come and get her. Zoe left one too. This left me wishing I had instead dialed a wrong number, or possibly my own message center. ...Or at least had the code to delete the one that had been left.

Mira felt better after I suggested that she dictate a letter for her Mommy and Daddy to see. This is what she wrote.:
Dear Mommy,
I want to go Home! And, I want to stay with you for a long time.
When I am away from you, I really want you. I really, really want you!
I want my Mommy! I miss my mommy and my daddy.

Two minutes after finishing the dictation she said she was tired, closed her eyes and fell fast asleep.

Meanwhile, Zoe was writing her own letter, complete with illustrations. At seven, she now can read and write. This is what she wrote:
Dear Mom and Dad, ................................... May 31, 2003
I miss you a lot. Mira and me love you a lot.
Dad, can you tell me anything about your trip?
Mira is asleep., but don't be worry anything.
Mira, she is fine.

She finished her letter, by drawing an illustration of Mira laying down, asleep, with a big smile on her face. Then, one of her sitting up smiling. She handed me the letter. I read it out loud to her. She closed her eyes and soon joined her sister in slumberland. I am saving the letters for Mike and Michele. I hope you see this post before you listen to your messages. Everyone but me is asleep. I'd better turn in. Morning, when the girls are here, seems to come VERY early.

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