June 28, 2012

To The Seventeen Members who voted to censure Eric Holder

Dear Members of Congress

I am a Democrat from the Los Angeles area of California and I normally support the Democratic Party to help elect or re-elect Democratic Candidates to Congress around the the United States. Because how each Member of Congress votes often ultimately effects me, those I love as, well as the rest of the citizenry of our country, I pay attention to key votes on important issues of the day

 However, after your vote today to censure Attorney General, Eric Holder, I will never again donate to the Party to help out any Democrats such as those who voted for this censure. I will selectively choose to support only those people who I believe will serve the greater good.

As far as I'm concerned, your vote today indicated your cowardice as well as your fear of the NRA! Shame on you! You don't deserve the support! Nor do you deserve the high trust those who have voted for you have placed in your hands when you were elected.

Sincerely yours. 
Judi Pusateri

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