November 1, 2011

Why I won't ever again visit Arizona, Alabama or Florida, and....

I'm thinking about the harsh anti-immigration law and well as the harsh anti-women's rights measures that have been enacted around the country. And, Im thinking about the power of the Religious Right and the NRA in this country,

In my opinion, the Religious Right is just dead wrong, cruel and immoral. They are not only "not right", they do they reflect the highest spiritual values that have been handed down to them throughout the ages by their Spiritual Masters!

Of course, this is just the opinion of one woman from California. But in this, I am quite sure that my opinion on this is right.

And yet, I know that I must try to be compassionate. Great changes are taking place in the world. This is uncomfortable and it is somewhat scary for many of us. And with change, I guess it is only natural to feel some uncertainty and even some fear. I understand fear and apprehension. I've been there. I get it. I too, feel uncertain about the future.

But then, I also know that we cannot hold back the tide, nor can we blame the moon nor the ocean for the high waves. Or the increasing crowd of swimmers who, just like us, are simply trying to stay afloat until we can reach the shore.

So, instead of just giving vent to my anger, in my spiritual practice, I must do my best to put everyone in my heart with wishes of peace and happiness. Because, of course, though on the human plane, we might disagree and might even be in violent opposition to one another, in reality, We Are All One.

In Reality can be no true separation, we are all connected to each other and to everything that is. Even the seemingly empty spaces in between, which appear to be nothing at all, are connected to everyone and everything that is.

In Reality, all that is, and all that is not, are joined together. There no separation. The Oneness has always been, and will always be. There really is beginning and no end. And yet, there also exists whatever it is that Will Be.

This adventure, seen in the right light, is exciting and filled with possibilities. As well as imagined danger. But in our hearts of hearts, we are all Heros and Heroines. We are all Creators and Destroyers and We are all filled with the Stuff of God. And yet, though we are all powerful, none of us can truly harm the Great All That Is or whatever it is that we may call God.

In this dream, we are all playing our parts, like actors on the stage. So that we may all learn from another for a reason, to assist one another on our Sacred Journey.

So, I guess I may have to rethink my position on what States I might chose to visit in the future, but for now, until I sort this all out, I think I may be staying put. It is time for me to go inward and consider what it means to be a person of peace.

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