April 23, 2011

Hurrah. It's Talk Like Shakespeare Day!


Good day, my friends.
Perchance thou did not know that this day
marks the anniversary of the great bards birth,
but no one can doubt that his life was of great worth.

To honor this date, thou might attempteth to be so bold
as to try to speaketh in the tongue of olde.
But if thee canst, thou need not despair.
Others have taken up dare.

Perchance thou aren't thrilled that he came our way,
or that his words have been preserved for us to say.
But if thou are not, tis truly very sad.
Methinks that judgment is surely most bad.

Twas four hundred and forty-seven years ago
a great man was born, and it is truly quite so
that every year on this date, April twenty-third,
we should celebrate his brilliant use of the English word.

Fare well. Good Bye. I bid thee Adieu.
Good Night. Sleep tight. Good Morrow to you.

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