March 29, 2011


What is the only declarative day of the year?
March forth!

A new one courtesy of Mary who is my Endodontist's receptionist.

Why is the grapefruit called a "grape" fruit?  

Because grapefruit grows in clusters!

From my husband who is also on alert!

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March 20, 2011


She started to notice that the images of people she saw on TV were changing.  The bodies of people were getting longer and unusually thinner.  Their heads in proportion to their bodies were getting bigger.  Kind of like Barbie or Brat dolls. It didn't seem natural.   

She wondered if this was due to some kind of technological tinkering that she knew could be done with still photos but was unaware could be done with live videos.   

She didn't think that it was a result of any distorted perception on her part, but she didn't hear anyone else complaining about this.  Was she the only one who noticed?

Meanwhile, she and almost everyone she knew were getting more and more enthralled with the little devices they  held in our hands.   People, on a daily basis, were downloading more and more new apps and were getting hooked on games that stole hours from their lives.  

Recently her husband had downloaded the biggest new game, Angry Birds, and seemed to want to play it anywhere and everywhere.   

It wasn't like him to be willing to disturb the peace of others by allowing the noise of the game in crowded waiting rooms, but he said the sound was integral and necessary to the game.

Nearly everyone she saw on the street were carrying cell phones in their hands and were constantly checking for messages.  Others wore them on their sleeves with earphones or bluetooth connections.  People were texting as they drove in defiance of the law.  Their attention diverted from traffic or even the children in their care.

It seemed that her eldest granddaughters were always connected to one screen or another.   

She started to wonder if the two disparate happenings were somehow interconnected.  Her husband chided her for her conspiracy thinking and commented on her overactive imagination.

However... What if there really was a  connection?  The explosion of technological advances were startling, and increasing with incredible speed.  Devices that connected people to the internet were getting smaller and faster.  

Nearly every day, new inventions, advances and improvements were being announced in almost every field.

Could it be that it was all some kind of intervention by something bigger?  Was it possible that there was some kind of mind control going on?  That some kind of intelligence was at play?  Aliens from somewhere else in the vast universe who would soon be appearing on Earth or are already here in their enlongated  bodies with unusually large heads?  

Women around the world were envying the beautiful people that they could never emulate ... simply because Homo Sapiens are simply not built that way.

She wondered again if anyone else was noticing.  She was pretty sure she was not going crazy.  Of course, anything is possible.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." 
    Hamlet, William Shakespeare.          
                Act 1.  Scene V.

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