October 31, 2007

Notes on Republican Candidates

Mike Huckabee is funny..
Looks better than he sounds on paper.

Ron Paul is ready to scrap everything and start over.
He'll have a big following.

Rudy Giuliani is all about 9/11.
And not much else.
I guess that still works in the heartland.

Mitt Romney is good looking.
His religion is suspect by people on both sides.
But he is intelligent.
And, oh so beautiful.

John McCain lost it when he started spouting the Bush line.

Fred Thompson should forget it and go back to acting.

Tom Tancredo's big issue is immigration.
He hates those mexicans.
And he gives me the creeps.
I don't want to even give him a link.

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October 30, 2007


For God's sake, stop!

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October 26, 2007

And The Beat Goes On...

In the rhetoric of war, the opponent must first be dehumanized. The politics of war requires that citizens must be readied to fight with a religious vigor. The Churches of Hate must rise up and help their congregants become complacent… as the machinery of combat is put in place.

In order to justify evil, the linguistics of a nation must be changed by well thought-out words that will quicken the blood to danger and make the citizenry eager to fight “the enemy”.

But who is the enemy? Think well before you allow the wordsmiths to influence you. Beware of those who tell you that God sanctions murder, and that those we fight are not like us … and do not value life.

This is not a football game. Those whom we harm in war do not disappear. Their cries are engraved in the memories of those who survive them. There is no certainty that the people we might call “the enemy” will be vanquished.

Let us deaden our ears to the persistent drumbeat that quickens the dark regions of our being. Resist the drummers … and listen instead to the still small voice of compassion. Listen instead to your heart, which beats in harmony with all of humanity.

Do not believe that we are not one.
Do not believe that what affects the least of us does not affect us all.
Stop now, and consider well before you spread the language of hate.

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October 25, 2007


My Wish

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October 24, 2007

For or Against Torture?


Soon the Senate Judiciary Committee will decide whether or not to send the nomination of Michael Mukasey to the whole Senate for approval to be our next Attorney General. So far, Mukasey has not been forthright when questioned about what constitutes torture. Until he does address this issue, he must not be confirmed. Stand up to restore justice to the Justice Department.

Below is the letter I wrote to every member of the Judiciary Committee. Feel free to copy it.

Dear Senator --------,

I implore you not to vote to send the nomination of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General to the full Senate for approval. He may be an able judge in many circumstances, but since he sidesteps the question of what constitutes torture (e.g. water-boarding) he is not of a caliber to be Attorney General of the United States of America. We cannot allow this kind of behavior to continue.

As a nation, we must restore full Civil Rights to our citizens, and abide by the Geneva Agreements in handling of all prisoners or detainees in our current conflicts. We can not allow our country to continue the barbarous practices that have so damaged our reputation around the world. If we do, we can be assured that hatred of the US will continue to grow, and the number of people who will be willing to do anything to harm us will multiply.

Please use whatever influence you have in the Senate to stand against the nomination of anyone who refuses to forthrightly and honestly state his opinions on such important matters.

Sincerely Yours, Judi Pusateri

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October 23, 2007


The red sun's reflection bounces off the cars in front of me. The distant sound of sirens wafts through the still air. It is hard to breathe.

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October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Let's Imagine What It May Take To Make the World A Garden Again....

Clean Earth
Clean Air
Clean Water
Peaceful Thoughts

There are thousands of things each of us can do to help the environment and promote peace. Here are 50 ways ... But I don't see stop the Junk mail on this list. It really is pretty easy. Look Here

This may not stop it all, but it will help. A few minutes a week can stop most of the rest. Make a pile of unwanted mail and look at it. Most have a toll free number. Call the number as if you were going to order something. Then say the magic words:

Please take me off your mailing list.
Please do not rent, sell, or share or trade my name or address with anyone.

More Later or this will be posted the day after Blog Action Day.

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October 12, 2007

"You Can't Stop The Waves, But You Can Learn How to Surf."

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