October 24, 2007

For or Against Torture?


Soon the Senate Judiciary Committee will decide whether or not to send the nomination of Michael Mukasey to the whole Senate for approval to be our next Attorney General. So far, Mukasey has not been forthright when questioned about what constitutes torture. Until he does address this issue, he must not be confirmed. Stand up to restore justice to the Justice Department.

Below is the letter I wrote to every member of the Judiciary Committee. Feel free to copy it.

Dear Senator --------,

I implore you not to vote to send the nomination of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General to the full Senate for approval. He may be an able judge in many circumstances, but since he sidesteps the question of what constitutes torture (e.g. water-boarding) he is not of a caliber to be Attorney General of the United States of America. We cannot allow this kind of behavior to continue.

As a nation, we must restore full Civil Rights to our citizens, and abide by the Geneva Agreements in handling of all prisoners or detainees in our current conflicts. We can not allow our country to continue the barbarous practices that have so damaged our reputation around the world. If we do, we can be assured that hatred of the US will continue to grow, and the number of people who will be willing to do anything to harm us will multiply.

Please use whatever influence you have in the Senate to stand against the nomination of anyone who refuses to forthrightly and honestly state his opinions on such important matters.

Sincerely Yours, Judi Pusateri

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