November 16, 2006


So lately, the little bud of hope is sprouting, and somehow the rays of light are more visable. It looks like I am not alone in feeling this way. Once again, I would like to share with you Maya Stein's latest 10-line Tuesday poem.


I know - the news these days, and yet
my eyes fixate on the headlines, an awkward dance
down the page, skittish, timid, unprepared, but
glued nonetheless, as if cursed into a trance,
the need to know today's fresh sorrow.
Each week a shock of new pain, precise and searing,
and the ever-present question - will there be a tomorrow
if the skyline of the human race keeps disappearing?

Still, flying east last week, I awakened to surprise -
the winking glimmer of a luminous sunrise.

-Maya Stein

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November 7, 2006


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November 6, 2006

Still Hiding

So yesterday Mike brought the girls over for a visit while he tried to resolve his parent's computer woes. While we were otherwise occupied Zoe, Mira and neighbor child were playing hide and seek inside and out.

This morning, I opened the Outside Refigerator to get a bottle of Cranberry Juice and discovered a large partly deflated purple beach ball. Can't wait to hear what this was all about.

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November 5, 2006

Where to go for ideas

Happyslip is the place.

Yeah for Christine.

Yes, I know there is life beyond Youtube.

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November 3, 2006

Ten Lines for Maya

She was exhausted with the effort.
The part of herself that was
that was once her self
had somehow disappeared.

So she pretended. and smiled, and tried to attend,
but it was difficult

because the part of herself
that remembered her self was screaming

and she could no longer hear anything
but the deafening sound of the scream. Aaahh!!!

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