November 16, 2006


So lately, the little bud of hope is sprouting, and somehow the rays of light are more visable. It looks like I am not alone in feeling this way. Once again, I would like to share with you Maya Stein's latest 10-line Tuesday poem.


I know - the news these days, and yet
my eyes fixate on the headlines, an awkward dance
down the page, skittish, timid, unprepared, but
glued nonetheless, as if cursed into a trance,
the need to know today's fresh sorrow.
Each week a shock of new pain, precise and searing,
and the ever-present question - will there be a tomorrow
if the skyline of the human race keeps disappearing?

Still, flying east last week, I awakened to surprise -
the winking glimmer of a luminous sunrise.

-Maya Stein

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