April 30, 2005


"For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen."
-Douglas Adams

We saw A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy this afternoon.
I loved it!
But then, I loved Douglas Adam's Wacky books.

Actually, the film was beautifully shot. And, although my memory isn't good enough to remember the details of the books I'd read all those years ago, the feeling was the same.

I have other things to smile about too.
It was a good day.

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April 29, 2005


Wednesday, we joined with thousands of other MoveOn members around the country and demonstrated against the Judical Power Grab. We brought our friend, Jim.

When we arrived in front of the Long Beach Court Court Jim asked; "Where is the press?"

Of course there was no press. I told him that there won't be any press. The best we can hope for is that the people who drive by & honk their horns and wave in agreement, will go home and write to their representatives.

These things are rarely covered. Even protests of tens of thousands get practically no notice in our media.

When did I start to know this stuff?

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April 26, 2005


In the beginning there was God.
God was all there was.

He/She pulled himself into herself,
tighter and tighter, until it was enough.

Then with all of His/Her power ...
He exploded herself into the furthest reaches of the universe.
And, looked at himself.
Every unique facet, differentiated by the seemingly separateness.

And then She/He set into motion
something wonderful
A chain reaction, a constantly changing evolution.

Then, He/She created a concept called time,
out of the constant Is.

Some of Her brilliance and power
gave off light and heat
in the far reaching distances of it all.

The force of these pieces pulled what was close
into circling orbits.
And, planets were born.
Each a little different from the other.

And, some of these planets were implanted
with the ingredients for life.
And then, He/She reached out to ignite the process.

And out of nothing came something completely new.
And it was good!

Out of all this, we have come.
Out of this, we have evolved.
And, as we grew, we began to get a glimpse of what we were.

Our endless curiosity started us wondering about our Creator.
From where had we come?
What was our relationship to the Divine?

In our seeking, we tried to explain to ourselves our conception.
Recognizing a bit of our true selves, we began to create more.

We invented our stories.
Each to his own.

Most saw that they were only part of the whole.
And, instinctively knew there was something greater.

Out of our imagination,
grew stories to comfort ourselves when we forgot who we were.

Our concepts were formed.
Each to his own.
Our limited curious minds tried to connect it all.

Out of this, our imagination,
we created our concept of God,
the ultimate creator.

We shared our understanding with each other.
We formed into groups of like thinking people.
And, began to worship Something we knew to be The One.

All of us grabbed onto one facet, and made it our whole.
And, in our stubbornness, sought compliance from everyone else.

We split apart.
Some were more open to possibility than others.

We all made rules, and insisted on conformity.
Yet, we are limited in our ability to understand,
by the physical body we have inhabited,
in the quest of Ourselves to know Ourselves.

At some point, we will reach a moment
when together we will reassert Our Oneness.

Then, we will pull Ourselves together
tighter and tighter, until it is enough.

We will rest there for an eternity,
awaiting the moment
when We decide to see something different.

Beat. Beat. Stop.
In and out.
In. Out.

Like our breath.
Like our beating heart.
We can rest in the moment.

All is well.
There is Love.
Tomorrow will come.

-Written while grieving ... November 2004 ... Judi Pusateri
Part of Chronicle of a Day
(Found while cleaning out my paper clutter.)


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April 24, 2005


I have been recieving e-mail from one particular friend who forwards stuff that needs to be downloaded to see. But once it is downloaded, I cannot see what it is. These always have a file name of message3.txt or message5.txt. The are text files.

What are these?
What program is she using that I don't seem to have?

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April 22, 2005


Last night I started to hear some strange sounds. Bumping and popping. Then I heard some very loud clicking. Pete said that it was some kind of animal. I looked out the window and couldn't see a thing except the bushes.

Pete suggested that I turn out the lights and take my new state of the art powerful flashlight to look out the window. I did. I jumped back and a very loud "Eek" came out of me. Not two feet away was the largest raccoon I had ever seen! His eyes were big and bright and he was just stopped still and staring at me!

I tell you, this raccoon was as big as a three year old child! Soon he jumped onto a wall and started clicking again. Then I saw that he was meeting another raccoon. They calmly walked to the end of the wall and climbed up the tall tree next to our house.

I wish they would go a live at someone else's house! I hear they are very mean, and that their personality is not as cute as their looks. One thing I do know is that their poo smells very bad. The rest of the night Pete keep saying "Eek" and laughing.

Anyone want to come by and rid us of these creatures. Is there such a thing as a Raccoon Sanctuary?

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April 17, 2005


I'd just gotten into my car to drive away from the local farmer�s market which is held every Saturday at a local park. After inserting the key and attaching my seat belt, I looked up and saw a captivating scene play out. I was compelled to just sit and watch for a while.

In front of me, a darling toddler in a sweet little dress was running up the little hill that ended at the parking lot. When she reached the crest, the child turned around and ran back to a woman who I supposed was her grandmother. The child ran into the woman's waiting arms, stopped and hugged her elder tightly around the thighs. The grandmother hugged her back.

Laughing delightedly, the child turned around and ran back up to the top of the little hill. The whole game was repeated again and again. The grandmother was smiling, enjoying the child's delight. I started to smile and just sat still watching Love in action.

Shortly, the grandmother looked up and saw me sitting in my car, smiling at the innocent play. She smiled at me, and then with a widening smile, returned her attention to the little girl who continued to run up, then down, each time stopping to exchange hugs.

After drinking in the beauty of this small episode, I started my car, and watched for my chance to pull out of the parking space. I had to wait for a while as many others were leaving at the same time.

Finally, the line of the vehicles passed my car. The last one, instead of exiting the lot, pulled into the space directly across from mine. I started to back up and began to swing around, when the driver of this truck began backing up. By this time I was directly in his path and I didn't think I could move out of his way quickly enough, so I lightly tooted my horn to catch his attention.

The car just kept coming. I quickly tooted 2 more times. The driver heard me then and pulled back into the space. At the same time, I heard an angry "Bleep You!" The driver hurriedly got out of his truck, shouting the epithet again and again. He was a tall, straight, white haired man dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. He was also wearing a large black knee brace on his right knee which extended from his calf to his thigh.

I waited so that he could walk by. It did not appear that he intended to stop. He came close to my car, looked at me, and said; "Bleep You!"

In an effort to diffuse the situation, I said; "I was afraid that you didn't see my car behind you." The angry man said; "I saw you from the moment you started to pull out, Bleep You!" This surprised me. Then I noticed several women who were walking past, shaking their heads at this guy.

He looked up, straightened, and walked toward the park. I heard him shout the curse one more time. At that point, putting as much power as I could into my voice, I shouted out of the passenger side window "GOD BLESS YOU", and drove away.

I don�t know if my comment did anything to help diffuse this man's anger, but it made me feel better. Can't help but wonder ... though ... what was hurting this guy so much?

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April 12, 2005


Yes, I'm still here. I've temporarily (I hope) lost my enthusiasm for most everything these days. Bored and Boring.

I'm trying to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with me. Seeing the gall of this administration working to stifle all dissent in our country has me frightened and mad. I don't understand how my fellow Americans can just sit by and watch it happen.

I am so afraid that the US is becoming a fascist theocracy. This fear has evolved into unresolved anger. That is never good.

A friend read the following quote while reading a book by Amy Goodman called "The Exception to the Rulers".

"Another world is not only possible, she's on her way. Maybe many of us won't be here to greet her, but on a quiet day, if I listen carefully, I can hear her breathing."

-Arundhati Roy.

So for the moment I will concentrate on those words.
I expect that most of you won't understand what I am talking about, but maybe those of you who do, can concentrate with me.

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April 1, 2005

Michael leaves Disney

He doesn't always tell his mother his plans till they are in progress.

Somehow, I always fall for it!
At least for a moment.

I wonder if Matt's cell phone is really dead?

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