April 26, 2005


In the beginning there was God.
God was all there was.

He/She pulled himself into herself,
tighter and tighter, until it was enough.

Then with all of His/Her power ...
He exploded herself into the furthest reaches of the universe.
And, looked at himself.
Every unique facet, differentiated by the seemingly separateness.

And then She/He set into motion
something wonderful
A chain reaction, a constantly changing evolution.

Then, He/She created a concept called time,
out of the constant Is.

Some of Her brilliance and power
gave off light and heat
in the far reaching distances of it all.

The force of these pieces pulled what was close
into circling orbits.
And, planets were born.
Each a little different from the other.

And, some of these planets were implanted
with the ingredients for life.
And then, He/She reached out to ignite the process.

And out of nothing came something completely new.
And it was good!

Out of all this, we have come.
Out of this, we have evolved.
And, as we grew, we began to get a glimpse of what we were.

Our endless curiosity started us wondering about our Creator.
From where had we come?
What was our relationship to the Divine?

In our seeking, we tried to explain to ourselves our conception.
Recognizing a bit of our true selves, we began to create more.

We invented our stories.
Each to his own.

Most saw that they were only part of the whole.
And, instinctively knew there was something greater.

Out of our imagination,
grew stories to comfort ourselves when we forgot who we were.

Our concepts were formed.
Each to his own.
Our limited curious minds tried to connect it all.

Out of this, our imagination,
we created our concept of God,
the ultimate creator.

We shared our understanding with each other.
We formed into groups of like thinking people.
And, began to worship Something we knew to be The One.

All of us grabbed onto one facet, and made it our whole.
And, in our stubbornness, sought compliance from everyone else.

We split apart.
Some were more open to possibility than others.

We all made rules, and insisted on conformity.
Yet, we are limited in our ability to understand,
by the physical body we have inhabited,
in the quest of Ourselves to know Ourselves.

At some point, we will reach a moment
when together we will reassert Our Oneness.

Then, we will pull Ourselves together
tighter and tighter, until it is enough.

We will rest there for an eternity,
awaiting the moment
when We decide to see something different.

Beat. Beat. Stop.
In and out.
In. Out.

Like our breath.
Like our beating heart.
We can rest in the moment.

All is well.
There is Love.
Tomorrow will come.

-Written while grieving ... November 2004 ... Judi Pusateri
Part of Chronicle of a Day
(Found while cleaning out my paper clutter.)


Posted by Judi at April 26, 2005 10:30 AM | TrackBack

Another bit of sensless god dribble, creative but dribble none the less. When will humans get over the hoax and start paying attention to life and not ponder a god that will never exist. But again I must say creative.

Posted by: trap at April 28, 2005 8:25 PM

There was a time in my life when I felt much as you do, Trap. But things change with life's experience.

You may consider it just more God dribble, but thats OK. I don't think it matters whether you believe in God or not. You are still part of the great All.

The theory that I tried to express in my limited way has been around for a long time. But thanks for saying it was "creative"! :-)

Posted by: Mom at April 29, 2005 12:44 PM
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