January 1, 2015

Lonely. I'm Lonely.

It's New Years Day and I'm feeling sad.
I'm displaced, tired and sore from inactivity.
I want my own bed, my private space.
I want to walk outside in the sun
I miss looking out the window and seeing green.
I miss the moon.
I miss color.
I miss Direct TV
And my washing machine.
I miss my car and being able to shop.
I want to get this body moving.

I want someone to talk to me and to let me know i matter.
I want to be able to help someone else.
I am tired of being a beggar.
I am tired of disapproval, of silence.
I would like to disappear for a while into my own quiet space.

I would like to go to bed without disturbing,
I would like the light on
And settle down in my own way.
I'd like to like myself again.

Look at all the "I"s written here,
But I guess that's OK
since its just for me to read.
It's been a long lone while

I miss what i may never have again and maybe never did.
I've been blessed in life, and i guess still am,
but right now, i am missing my usual old life.'

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