October 11, 2010

Tip From Mom

Be Careful When Handling Glass on Very Hard Floors.

If you drop something made of crystal or glass on tile or cement, its likely to shatter. Slivers and Shards may jump up and fly all about to lots of distant places and in all sorts of dangerous ways.

Don't be like me. Take your time. Don't try to rush things. Be careful!
In the end you will be safe and happy. And, you'll be glad that you did what you wanted to do slowly, safely and carefully. You and others won't be hurt. And the item will be around for a long time to admire and enjoy. And then you won't have to mourn the loss of an object you might have cherished.

If you go slowly while working with glass, you will certainly get the job done ,,, probably faster than you would have done while rushing about. The time will be well spent. You and and others will be safe and happy. You won't get youself cut, and you'll be very glad that you didn't have to spend an inordinate amount of your precious time cleaning up the God-Awful mess.

Slow and Steady wins the race.
I should take my own advise.
Remind me next time, won't you?
It never late to teach an old gal new tricks. :-)
Dare I make another vow?

To bed now. Tomorrow is another day. I vow to take care to go slowly and pay more attention during the new day. What's done is done. No going back. Tomorrow I'll allot enough time and I will glad I learned a valuable lesson. Moving on.

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