October 10, 2010

It's 10-10-10 and the world didn't end.

But Here Are Ten True Things.

1. Change takes time, but we are impatient.

2. It is better to live simply, because at some point, it becomes
really really hard to get rid of all of your stuff.

3. Anger feeds anger and hate feeds hate.

4. Unscrupulous people fuel hatred for their own selfish purposes.

5. Nevertheless, in order to thrive, people must act out of their instinct to love.

6. Love exists because humankind must cooperate in order to survive.

7. The body always seeks to heal itself.

8. So does the mind.

9. In truth, there is no illness in spirit.

10. We are usually lost in the dream. While lost in the dream,
we forget # 9.

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