February 22, 2009

What happens when the ice melts...

While waiting for an appointment the other day, a young man in the waiting room started talking about the climate crisis. He did not believe that the problem was resulting from man-made global warming. He said that he believed that the cause was due changes in the magnetic polarity that happens every so many hundreds of years.

He asked me i I thought that the earth had a molten core? I told him that that's what I assumed was at the center of the earth. I read a while ago about scientists that started drilling to reach the earth's core to see if it was possible to capture some of the energy there. The idea scared me. What if they disturbed something and cause some awful damage?

I remember reading a science fiction story called the Hab Theory about the earth undergoing a polar shift. A good review of this book is found here. As I remember the only humans that survived the shift in the Earth's polarity were those who were out in space. Eek.

Here are some Links about the Shifting Polarity Theory:

From Cosmos Magazine and from someone's Blog, from Nova, and, of course, from Wikipedia.

We do know that there is a real danger regarding the release of methane gas as the ice melts. Here is a Video about methane pockets under ice pack: And we do know that the ice packs are melting.

We also know that some scientists are drilling to the earth's core. Talk about a Big Dig!
I believe in investigative science, but this whole thing seems pretty scary to me. Have I scared you yet?

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