February 23, 2009


Maybe there had been unsettling dreams. Or maybe it was simply simple weariness resulting from uneasy sleep that had beset her this day. She missed the sun ... she missed looking at the sky. It had been a long time since she just drew in a long breath, expelling it slowly as she reveled in the beauty of the world.

As she worked on her labor of love that afternoon, the words from a radio report about the great methane pockets about to erupt as the icepack melted filled her heart with fear. Maybe it was already too late to save the planet – Maybe the lives of her children and their children were destined to be bleak with misery.

She hoped while there was still time – those she loved stopped a while during each of their remaining days to recognize the little beauties that existed in their lives.

She hoped they gloried in the blue expanse on a sunny day - and that the smiles on the faces of those they loved filled their hearts with joy.

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