August 8, 2008

Knee News

I went into the surgeon's office fully expecting him to tell me that we will be scheduling a painful procedure to force my new knee to bend at a greater angle. The Receptionist greeted me with the words; "Good Friday, Mrs. Pusateri." This made me smile.

Since I had already accepted that the proceedure might be necessary, I was not nervous. While I waited, I busied myself with writing a letter. By this time, I was sure I could handle whatever was to come next. I have been through worse things.

When the doctor entered the room, I greeted him with a smile. This always seems to surprise him, since he usually deals with patients who are in a great deal of pain. Or, maybe, he still remembers the me I was in the days before he fixed my back.

As I said before, I was prepared to hear that he wasn't too pleased.
Acceptance can make a person calm.
And, once we accept what lies ahead,
what lies ahead can change.

Instead of hearing what I thought I would hear, it turns out that my doctor was pleased with my progress. And, even though I am only able to bend my knee 98 degrees, he thinks I can take it further with more work. I don't have to have the procedure!

I was so happy, i gave him a hug.

There's more to go.
Onward. Onward.
Now it's up to me.
Good Friday to you. :-)
Eight for Eight

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