February 5, 2008


How could they do that to me?
My own sons!
How could they get me all churned up once again?
Would it be disloyal to change my mind at the last minute?

Here's the story.

I went up to bed late last night with things that Michael had said to me running around in my head. Darn him.

I thought I had decided and that my mind was finally made up. But, as I tried to settle into slumber, one part of myself kept asking; But wouldn't it be wonderful for America to make a sea change? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we turned the corner? Wouldn't it just be wonderful?

Another part of myself tried to shut off this little voice; Will you please stop confusing me? I have already decided! I have made up my mind! I don't want to have to consider this issue anymore. Stop it and let me go to sleep!

But sleep would not come. Out of desperation, I turned on the TV and tuned into C-Span. And there was Obama in Boston, answering the questions and standing so proud and unconcerned about the spurious allegations made by his enemies. He had been there before and had overcome.

And people were chanting; “Yes We Can!” “Yes We Can.”

And I started to wonder if we could overcome. Could he to bring our country together after all this divide? Could he do this thing better than Hillary? Is it possible that we can stand up against the hatred and acrimony brought on by those who seek to divide us? Can we turn a new corner and become better than we were?

“Yes we can!”

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