February 4, 2008

The night before the election...

The phone rings.


"Hi Honey"; I say; thinking Mike is calling me about my computer problems.

"I have to talk to you about Obama!"

"I'm voting for Hillary!!!"

"Zoe has something she wants to tell you."

Zoe gets on the phone and says; "Hi Nana. I want Hillary to win."

"That's my girl. I do too."

I ask; "Why do you think Hillary should win?"

"She has the most experience and I would like to see a woman as our President."

"Let me write this down. I'm putting what you said on my blog."

Then Zoe says; "Just a minute Nana, I am putting this on speaker phone."

"Hi Nana. I'm for Hillary too!" That was Mira. :-)

I say; "Yea, now there is three of us!"

Zoe says; "Maybe Aunt Yvette will vote for Hillary too."

"I think she is backing Obama."

Zoe asks; "Mom, who do you want to win?"

Michele says "I'm not sure."

What can she say? She is a good mom.

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