September 12, 2007



By the end of the day, I had received three calls from AT&T about our phone service to apologize for the inconvenience and to make sure everything was working on my end. I had called them twice during the outage. They really must want to have satisfied customers! Either that ... or some of my family had also been calling them all worried.

It turns out that The City of Los Angeles had been doing some digging and accidentally cut through a VERY BIG cable. Whereas I was thinking it was a little tiny thing that had happened, it turns out that the damaged cable was a bundle of thousands of individual phone lines.

One of the nice ladies who called gleefully told me that I shouldn't worry though ... because the City was going to pay all the expenses of the fix. Great! We live in the City of Los Angeles. And, I guess that means that we will be footing part of the bill. But then, maybe our city has insurance for this kind of thing. That would be good.

Well, maybe not. Won't we pay for the inevitable rate increase that the benevolent insurance companies will charge? But then again, by the time this happens we will have forgotten about the whole thing and we will not even notice.

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