September 11, 2007

Nefarious Scheme

Something weird is happening here. The land-line phones in this area have been out for two days. AT&T says it may take up to a week to fix the broken cable problem. How can that be? And why haven’t anyone of us seen any phone repair trucks in the area?

Not all of our neighbors have their phone service supplied by AT&T. Our next-door neighbor’s phones are working. They are connected by Comcast cable.

What I can’t understand is that while our phone lines are down, I can still connect to the internet though our DSL and the Tivo is still making it’s regular calls to the satellite.

Using my cell, I called the phone company repair service again tonight to find out what is happening. And asked why I can connect to the Internet though a phone line, but we cannot use our phones for calls. She said that DSL works on a different frequency.

I know I am not an engineer and my understanding of these things is weak. But if the problem is a broken cable, why would what frequency they use matter?

It the old days the phone company would be all over it, even if they had to work all night. Why would it take a week to replace one broken cable? And why did the same thing happen to the some of the Verizon customers in Torrance last week?

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