February 3, 2007


So, a little while ago I turned on the TV and discovered that the Laker/Wizard game was just beginning. Channel 9, here in LA, is broadcasting the game which is being played in DC tonight. After yesterday's game between our Lakers and the Indiana Pacers, I considered the faint possibility that I could actually jinx the contest.

I really wanted to watch the game, and in the few minutes I watched, the Lakers took the lead. But then Washington started to score. I clicked away to see what else was on TV and then brought my laptop over to take my mind away from the game.

Yet, like a curious child who fears doing something that may be forbidden, but is never the less drawn to explore her limits, I started changing channels to peek at the game. So far, the Lakers have the lead, but the Washington Wizards are not too far behind.

Tonight, the Lakers are again wearing their blue uniforms and this is another away game. The Wizards are wearing the brighter white. In the last few minutes the Lakers have increased their lead. It is now 100 to 86 and the Wizards have just scored. The Laker lead is dwindling. Eek!

I am stubbornly watching the game. Please don't hate me.

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