February 2, 2007


When I started watching the Laker/Pacer game tonight, I Remembered Matt’s admonition not to even go near the television set during the broadcast of any important game of one of his favorite teams. (You see, I have this 'color theory'.)

But, while channel surfing tonight, I used the excuse that there really is no such thing as a 'jinx', to linger for a few moments on the exciting game.

At the first glance, I thought “Oh, Oh”! Our hometown team was wearing the wrong color uniform to win! (Tonight, the Lakers were wearing Blue, and the Pacers were wearing the brighter White.) Not only that, but the game was an away game and was being played in Indiana. In my book, this can be a terrible combination.

Nevertheless, I stubbornly continued to watch the game, recalling a time earlier in my life when I was a great basketball fan. And ... I didn't know if this was an important game or not. I cheered when the Lakers got the lead, and firmly rejected the thought that I could possibly affect the outcome of any sporting event by simply watching it!

Sadly, the Pacers recovered the lead and won the game. So, once again, I have been forced to consider the possibility that jinxes do exist!

This coming Sunday is Super-Bowl Sunday. The Bears will be battling the Colts.

I promise you, Matt, I will do my best not to even go near the TV during that game!!!

I haven't really liked watching football after leaving Valley Junior College. That was the last time I actually knew and was friends with any of the guys on the team.

While at UCLA, the only game I remember attending was the Rose Bowl game in 1962. The only reason I attended that game was because, as a student, I could get tickets and my boyfriend wanted to go.

In 1962, UCLA played Minnesota at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. UCLA lost.

I will have to be creative in figuring out what to do this Sunday, since Pete will probably want to watch the match. I don’t like Super Bowl Sunday anyway! It has been an unlucky day for me for more than twenty years. But that is another story.

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