January 24, 2007


One. I think he would have made a wonderful President. Check out Johnkerry.com and watch the video "Late Edition".

Two. I worry about the people of Iraq and want to do whatever we can to avoid the bloodbath that I fear may be coming. I still have hopes that the people of the world can, together, bring about peace in the Middle East and elsewhere. We just have to have the will.

Speaking of Iraq, I ask all five of my loyal readers to keep our wonderful mailman, Danny, and the fifty men under his command, in your hearts and prayers. Tomorrow they leave for Fort Riley Kansas and will soon deploy to Iraq on a search and destroy mission.

A word about Danny... Danny has been our mailman for many years, He is a gentle soul with a beautiful heart who has been a Reservist for many years. Danny served in Viet Nam as a Marine, then joined the Army Reserves. Not too long ago, he was deployed to Kosovo as a peace keeper.

For the last couple of years, Danny has been called up several times, for a month or more at a time, to train new recruits. He sees it as a way to help these young people protect themselves as they are sent into danger.

I may have strong feelings about this war, and the direction we have been lead ... but that does not prevent those of us who dissent from caring about our fellow citizens serving in our military.

I respect them and I respect those men like Ehren K. Watada who have refused to participate in this war. That action takes a special kind of courage and strength. (Of course, there a women in this fight too.)


I have been out of commission lately, and have more or less living on my couch until my back gets better. My dear husband (when he was away) conspired with our son, Mike, to buy me a new Mac laptop so that i could, once again, enjoy my YouTube dramas and connect to the world. I LOVE MY MACBOOK!!! It is sparkling white, light and EASY to use.

Mike just added some more of my favorite links and I am learning new things every day, which I have read, is good for the aging brain... :-)


Christine at Happy Slip has something to say about her MacBook and her romance with Apple...

Back to Mike. I was laughing out loud at something he linked to the other day. Watch Steve Jobs Is A Witch. Oh My. YouTube is back, but someone pulled this very funny video. Is a new scandal brewing???

I miss and think of Dieter every day when I look at his Orange Chaos painting ... which now adorns our Family Room wall. It is beautiful. Everyone who stops by is blown away by it.

It sure was a lucky day when i happened upon his blog while trying to learn something about MOVABLETYPE with out bothering either of my two sons.

Dieter. Where are you now???
I don't read German.

OK. Enough for now; :-)

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